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Possible Interaction: Quercetin and Losartan



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

The … with quercetin , the Cmax (2.16 ± 0.40 vs. 1.33 ± 0.21 mg/… ± 1.22 vs. 7.34 ± 0.75 mg·h/L) of losartan increased significantly (p < .05), and while the Cmax (0.76 ± 0.…/L) of EXP3174 decreased significantly compared to the control (p < .05).
These results indicated that the herb–drug interaction between quercetin and losartan might occur when they are co-administered in rats, quercetin could increase the systemic exposure of losartan and decrease the plasma concentration of EXP3174, possibly by inhibiting the activity of P-gp or CYP450 enzyme.
Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems  •  2019  |  View Paper
Our results suggest that quercetin potentially augmented the cardioprotective effect of losartan against chronic DOX cardiotoxicity via its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
The present study aimed to examine whether the co-administration of quercetin (QRN) and losartan (LOS) can produce additional protective effects against chronic DOX cardiotoxicity.
The protective effects obtained by LOS were more pronounced by its combination with QRN.
Environmental toxicology and pharmacology  •  2013  |  View Paper