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Possible Interaction: Progesterone and Cabergoline



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Although all cabergoline treatments in this study were ineffective at preventing reproduction in coyotes, progressive inhibition of prolactin and progesterone with increasing dosages of cabergoline indicates that higher doses might be effective in preventing reproduction in coyotes.
Dosages of 1000 microg cabergoline decreased blood serum prolactin (P < or = 0.10) and progesterone (P < or = 0.06) concentrations, but apparently failed to decrease progesterone below the threshold necessary to maintain pregnancy in all but one animal.
However, progressive inhibition of prolactin and progesterone with increasing doses of cabergoline indicated that higher dosages might be effective in coyotes.
Reproduction (Cambridge, England) Supplement  •  2002  |  View Paper
Cabergoline CG ), a dopamine agonist, and prolactin (PRL) added in vitro to isolated granulosa cells from immature rats cultured in serum-free medium inhibited FSH-stimulated production of progesterone.
In conclusion, CG inhibits FSH-stimulated progesterone and estradiol production by rat granulosa cells.
Endocrine research  •  1998  |  View Paper
Cabergoline decreased progesterone concentrations to < 1 ng ml-1 within 15-20 days.
Journal of reproduction and fertility. Supplement  •  1997  |  View Paper
Cabergoline (Cab) , a dopamine agonist, inhibits the production and/or release of prolactin and reduces progesterone biosynthesis.
In conclusion, progesterone can neutralize the pregnancy preventing activity of Cab.
Theriogenology  •  1997  |  View Paper