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Possible Interaction: Potassium Chloride and Quinidine

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

When quinidine was followed by potassium chloride , 2 out of 5 dogs developed a significant increase in pulse rate and blood pressure.
American heart journal  •  1960  |  View Paper
Propafenone (>/=3 microM), quinidine (>/=30 microM), disopyramide (>/=100 microM) and flecainide (>/=100 microM) but not the other drugs decreased the contraction induced by 30 mM KCl in a concentration-dependent manner.
The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics  •  1998  |  View Paper
Furthermore, the inhibitory effect of quinidine also increased in aorta preincubated in 40 mM KCl , whereas the inhibitory effects of other antiarrhythmics were almost similar in 5 or 40 mM KCl solution.
General pharmacology  •  1997  |  View Paper
The inhibitory effects of quinidine were significantly enhanced when the rings were preincubated in 40 mM KCl (depolarizing conditions), when compared to normally polarized rings.
British journal of pharmacology  •  1996  |  View Paper
The inhibitor effects of quinidine were significantly enhanced (P < 0.05) when the preparations were preincubated in 40 mm KCl (depolarizing) solution.
British journal of pharmacology  •  1994  |  View Paper
Quinidine also had a smaller yet significant effect on constrictor response to KCl suggesting a possible second site of action.
Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine  •  1974  |  View Paper