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Possible Interaction: Methotrexate and Levomefolate



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

MTX , following by mTHF after a delay of 8-24 h, caused a substantial killing of lymphoid leukemia cells, greater than the effect of either drug alone.
Leukemia  •  1992  |  View Paper
Likewise, methyltetrahydrofolate , as a percent of total folate, was reduced 51% in methotrexate-treated rats.
Methotrexate treatment decreased hepatic tetrahydrofolate, methyltetrahydrofolate , and formyltetrahydrofolate, concentrations by 63, 83, and 58%, respectively.
These tracer kinetic experiments quantitatively demonstrate the extent to which methotrexate alters the actual carbon flow through the hepatic folate-dependent one-carbon pool, primarily directed at diminishing the reductive carbon flow towards methyltetrahydrofolate and methionine synthesis.
Carcinogenesis  •  1996  |  View Paper
Treatment with 800 mg/kg of MTX plus m-THF was 1.5 fold more effective than the same MTX dose plus f-THF in increasing survival time of tumor-bearing mice.
Research communications in chemical pathology and pharmacology  •  1993  |  View Paper
The initial uptake and steady-state level of (+)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate were markedly reduced in the resistant sublines as was the case with methotrexate.
Cancer research  •  1981  |  View Paper
Folate and methyltetrahydrofolate competitivity inhibited amethopterin uptake with apparent Ki values of 8 and 0.7 muM, respectively.
The Ki for amethopterin when added to increasing concentrations of methyltetrahydrofolate was 5.2 muM, a value about the same as that of the Km.
Biochimica et biophysica acta  •  1976  |  View Paper