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Possible Interaction: Glucosamine and Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

GnRH increased [3H]glucosamine (3H-Gln) incorporation into LH, but had no effect on [35S]methionine (35S-Met) incorporation.
Endocrinology  •  1987  |  View Paper
GnRH significantly (P less than 0.01) increased both incorporation of [3H]glucosamine into LH (glycosylation) and release of immunoreactive LH (IR-LH) and [3H]LH.
The American journal of physiology  •  1981  |  View Paper
The incorporation of labelled amino acids and glucosamine into LH and FSH which was stimulated by GnRH was also inhibited by T3 and T4.
The Journal of endocrinology  •  1980  |  View Paper
GnRH significantly stimulated incorporation of [3H]glucosamine into LH in pituitaries from immature male, intact female, and ovariectomized rats.
Endocrinology  •  1976  |  View Paper