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Possible Interaction: Fluorouracil and Orotic Acid


Orotic Acid

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

The 5-bromo, 5-chloro and 5-fluoro analogs of orotic acid were demonstrated to produce single or multiple blocking actions against this system.
Cancer research  •  1957  |  View Paper
They are more effective than 5-fluorouracil in inhibiting incorporation of formate and orotic acid into RNA, thymidine into DNA, and phenylalanine into proteins.
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences  •  1970  |  View Paper
Later, Bonner and Zeevaart (2) showed that 5-FU inhibited the incorporation of orotic acid into both RNA and DNA.
The inhibitory effect of 5-FU could be reversed by applying orotic acid at the same time as the application of 5-FU.
Plant physiology  •  1965  |  View Paper
5-Fluorouracil has been shown to interfere with the appearance of the elements of formic acid in the thymine component of nucleic …); it intervenes in the synthesis of ribonucleic acid, as evidenced by the blocking of the utilization of uracil or erotic acid as precursors of … to uridine (10).
The Journal of biological chemistry  •  1960  |  View Paper
Reversal of 5-FU inhibition by orotic acid suggests the hypothesis that the inhibition is related in some way to suppression of nucleic acid metabolism.
Plant physiology  •  1960  |  View Paper