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Possible Interaction: Ethanol and Vitamin C




Vitamin C

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Ascorbic acid pretreatment resulted in significant enhancement in blood ethanol clearance and an increase in serum triglyceride levels after ethanol consumption in half of the subjects.
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics  •  1987  |  View Paper
The antioxidants N-acetyl cysteine and vitamin C lowered the alcohol elevation of ROS and blunted the alcohol induction of CYP2A5, but not CYP2E1, suggesting ROS play a novel role in the crosstalk between CYP2E1 and CYP2A5.
Current molecular pharmacology  •  2017  |  View Paper
In the acute study, the postinfusion rate of ethanol decline in the blood of animals treated with ascorbic acid was significantly higher when compared with animals treated with fructose, and the rate in the two treated groups was significantly higher than in untreated controls.
Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine  •  1984  |  View Paper
Our results showed that 100 mM ethanol significantly induced CYP2A6 mRNA and protein (∼150%) and increased ROS formation, and induction of gene expression and ROS were both completely blocked by treatment with either a CYP2E1 inhibitor (diallyl sulfide) or an antioxidant ( vitamin C).
PloS one  •  2012  |  View Paper
At both dosages of alcohol , short-term as well as long-term pretreatment with ascorbic acid significantly enhanced the clearance of plasma alcohol.
Journal of the American College of Nutrition  •  1990  |  View Paper
In five of six patients, pretreatment with oral ascorbic acid resulted in a blunting, but not statistically significant, effect on maximum blood NDMA levels after consumption of ethanol.
Journal of the National Cancer Institute  •  1990  |  View Paper
The loss of vitamin A is eliminated completely if ascorbic acid (0.1% w/v) is added to the ethanol before it is used in the preassay extraction.
Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry  •  1985  |  View Paper
After the ingestion of 2.0 g ascorbic acid and breakfast, plasma ascorbic acid rose from a fasting concentration of … 0900 h. to a peak of 26.9 +/- m 2.0 ng/ml at 1500 h. When 35 g ethanol … ascorbic acid and breakfast, plasma ascorbic … least 24 h.
The American journal of clinical nutrition  •  1981  |  View Paper
Further studies have demonstrated that the rate of clearance of ethanol from the blood is associated with increased levels of leucocyte ascorbic acid.
Lancet  •  1974  |  View Paper
Vitamin C and 4-methylpyrazole prevented the increase on O2- generation induced by ethanol in cultured MAB vascular smooth muscle cells.
Arquivos brasileiros de cardiologia  •  2016  |  View Paper
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