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Possible Interaction: Ethanol and Tranquilizing Agents

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

An association … of tranquilizers … alcohol (prevalence ratio [PR] = 3.15; 95% confidence intervals [95%CI] 2.58-3.85), tobacco (PR = 2.61; 95%CI 2.31-… (PR = 3.70; 95%CI 3.19-4.29), and other prescription drugs (PR = 7.03; 95%CI 6.18-7.99).
Revista brasileira de psiquiatria  •  2014  |  View Paper
Clinicians should monitor patients prescribed sedative or anxiolytic drugs for possible adverse events arising from concomitant use with alcohol.
Drug and alcohol review  •  2013  |  View Paper
Acute ingestion of alcohol (ethanol) with tranquilizers or hypnotics is responsible for several pharmacokinetic interactions that can have significant clinical implications.
Journal of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics  •  1998  |  View Paper
Corresponding figures for the simultaneous and concurrent use of alcohol and tranquilizers were both approximately 6 million.
Journal of substance abuse  •  1990  |  View Paper
Twenty-four had been consuming minor tranquillisers together with alcohol prior to admission.
The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science  •  1989  |  View Paper
It was established that different tranquilizers stimulate the increase in the endogenous ethanol level as regards the spectrum of psychotropic activity.
Biulleten' eksperimental'noi biologii i meditsiny  •  1983  |  View Paper
While our data provide support for the suggestion that alcohol and tranquillizers may be used interchangeably by some individuals, this finding could also be an outcome of doctors' and patients' awareness of the undesirable effects of combining alcohol and tranquillizers.
The Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners  •  1982  |  View Paper
Alcohol interacts with many drugs frequently prescribed for older patients--antidepressants, sedatives, hypnotics, tranquilizers , and others--and the combination can sometimes be fatal.
Geriatrics  •  1979  |  View Paper
The synergism between alcohol and the tranquillizers aiid barbiturates makes the combination of alcohol and drugs specially dangerous.
British medical journal  •  1974  |  View Paper
In the social sphere the interactions of different medicaments with alcohol may lead to inadvertent overdose and barbiturates, antihistamines and various tranquillisers have all been incriminated.
Medicine, science, and the law  •  1970  |  View Paper
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