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Possible Interaction: Ethanol and Sulpiride



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

The combination of sulpiride and alcohol increased the error rate in the choice reaction test and impaired coordination in the coordination test driven at a free speed.
The concurrent administration of alcohol during treatment with CPZ or sulpiride may cause some extra risk in traffic or occupational life.
Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de therapie  •  1976  |  View Paper
Co-infusion of the D2 receptor antagonist sulpiride significantly reduced ethanol self-administration.
Microinjection of sulpiride into the PL cortex selectively reduced ethanol , but not saccharine, drinking.
Drug and alcohol dependence  •  2020  |  View Paper
Sulpiride , an antagonist of DA D(2), reversed the effect of dopamine on 10% ethanol induced ALDH activity in hepatocytes.
Journal of biomedical science  •  2008  |  View Paper
Prazosin (62.5 microg/kg, ip; an alpha1-adrenoceptor antagonist), sulpiride (50 mg/kg, ip; a selective D2 receptor antagonist) and p-chlorophenylalanine (100 mg/kg, ip; an inhibitor of serotonin synthesis) significantly attenuated the aqueous and ethanolic extract-induced antidepressant-like effect in TST.
Indian journal of experimental biology  •  2007  |  View Paper
The results indicate that microinjections of sulpiride significantly increased ethanol consumption (65% increase at the 2.0 microg dose).
Drug and alcohol dependence  •  2005  |  View Paper
The facilitatory effect of ethanol on social memory was inhibited by the pretreatment with reserpine and it was antagonized by the administration of haloperidol or sulpiride , but not by SCH 23390.
Behavioural Brain Research  •  2004  |  View Paper
A higher dose of sulpiride (10 mg/kg) prolonged the duration of narcosis in rats pretreated with high-dose ethanol and reduced the number of conditioned avoidance responses in the shuttle-box paradigm.
European journal of pharmacology  •  2003  |  View Paper
Dopamine D(2) antagonists haloperidol (0.5, 1.0 mg/kg SC), and L-sulpiride (80 mg/kg SC) also significantly prolonged the duration of LORR induced by ethanol.
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior  •  2000  |  View Paper
Across all doses of sulpiride , the group given the higher dose of prenatal alcohol (5 g/kg/day) had significantly lower serum prolactin levels than all other groups.
Alcohol  •  1997  |  View Paper
Sulpiride , however, actually enhanced the interaction between ethanol and dopamine in a dose-dependent manner as measured by the LORR; fluphenazine neither blocked nor enhanced the effect of dopamine in the presence of systemic ethanol.
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior  •  1997  |  View Paper
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