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Possible Interaction: Ethanol and Nevirapine



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

CYP1A1m1 3801TC, 3801CC, and CYP2C9*3 1075AC genotypes among combined alcohol + nevirapine users increased the risk of development of ARV‐associated hepatotoxicity (OR = 1.41, p = 0.53; OR = 1.49, p = 0.83; OR = 1.78, p = 0.35).
In conclusion, individuals with CYP1A1m13801CC and 3801TC genotypes independently and in the presence of alcohol and nevirapine usage is likely to be associated with increased risk of development of ARV‐associated hepatotoxicity, its severity, and advancement of disease.
APMIS : acta pathologica, microbiologica, et immunologica Scandinavica  •  2017  |  View Paper
In HIV patients with and without hepatotoxicity, the miR 196aCT genotype showed a risk of acquisition of hepatotoxicity and its severity to the combined use of alcohol and nevirapine , respectively (OR=14.18, P=0.08; OR=2.29, P=0.08).
Current genomics  •  2019  |  View Paper
Conclusions: Chronic ethanol use by HIV-infected patients reduced the therapeutic steady-state plasma drug concentrations of d4T and 3TC and increased the NVP drug concentrations in the HIV-infected patients.
Journal of basic and clinical physiology and pharmacology  •  2014  |  View Paper