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Possible Interaction: Ethanol and Kava





Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Kava enhanced the hypnotic effect of alcohol in mice, but this was not observed in humans.
Drugs  •  2005  |  View Paper
The consumption of an intoxicating dose of alcohol increases the likelihood of violent behaviour.
Alcohol and alcoholism  •  1998  |  View Paper
Chronic exposure to ethanol qualitatively changes the HPA axis dynamics, whereas ethanol at intoxicating levels shuts down this dynamic regulation mechanism.
Addiction biology  •  2017  |  View Paper
The intoxicating properties of alcohol produce well-known and widespread health and social consequences, affecting drinkers, their families, their communities and their countries.
Alcohol and alcoholism  •  2015  |  View Paper
A regulatory ban for ethanolic and acetonic kava extracts was issued in 2002 for Germany on the basis of reports connecting liver disease with the use of kava , but the regulatory causality assessment was a matter of international discussions.
Annals of hepatology  •  2010  |  View Paper
It remained unclear, however, to what extent the use of ethanol or acetone as solvents might have increased the hepatotoxic risks in patients who consumed medicinal kava extracts.
JAMA  •  2010  |  View Paper
These results suggest that an intoxicating dose of alcohol may interfere with the normal function of the pyloric sphincter.
Digestive Diseases and Sciences  •  2005  |  View Paper
Kava kava , used to promote relaxation and sleep and to reduce anxiety, should not be combined with antianxiety drugs or alcohol.
Perspectives in psychiatric care  •  2000  |  View Paper
Several studies indicate that intoxicating concentrations of ethanol inhibit L-type, N-type and possibly T-type channels.
Neurochemistry International  •  1999  |  View Paper
Sri Lanka is fortunate to have a rich tradition of networks of non-governmental organizations and religious institutions, and these can be mobilized to discourage the use of intoxicating drugs and alcohol.
Medicine and law  •  1995  |  View Paper
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