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Possible Interaction: Estradiol and Intrinsic Factor

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Conversely, estradiol treatment increased the intrinsic radiosensitivity of MCF-7 cells.
Oncology Research and Treatment  •  2005  |  View Paper
Ovarian estradiol alters both the intrinsic properties of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons and synaptic inputs to these cells coincident with production of sustained GnRH release that ultimately triggers ovulation.
The Journal of Neuroscience  •  2019  |  View Paper
Conversely, estradiol treatment increases the intrinsic radiosensitivity of MCF-7 cells.
Endocrine-related cancer  •  2003  |  View Paper
Estradiol is synthesized in the hippocampus and is known to increase intrinsic hippocampal excitability and capacity for synaptic plasticity.
Vitamins and hormones  •  2010  |  View Paper
While our knowledge of the role of pituitary gonadotropins in support of antral follicle growth and development is well established, the intrinsic factors that suppress estradiol production and may help promote atresia during follicular waves are not well understood.
Reproductive biology and endocrinology : RB&E  •  2006  |  View Paper
These findings indicate that in post-partum ewes there is an increased inhibitory (negative-feedback) effect of oestradiol on LH release and a lower intrinsic frequency of pulsatile release of LH.
Journal of reproduction and fertility  •  1981  |  View Paper