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Possible Interaction: Epinephrine and Flurbiprofen



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Ocufen had an additive effect with epinephrine ; the group with Ocufen + epinephrine treatment had a smaller proportion of cases with pupil size decreases than the group with epinephrine alone.
Ophthalmology  •  1989  |  View Paper
Flurbiprofen causes marked inhibition of the secondary phase of platelet aggregation induced by adenosine diphosphate and adrenaline as well as collagen-induced aggregation in vitro and in vivo.
Drugs  •  2012  |  View Paper
Regular administration of flurbiprofen caused a persistent inhibition of the biphasic response and a reduction in the degree of platelet aggregation with adrenaline ; it also prolonged the lag phase and reduced both the slope and degree of aggregation with collagen.
Thrombosis research  •  1978  |  View Paper
Abstract Flurbiprofen , a potent anti-inflammatory agent, has been shown to inhibit human platelet aggregation induced in vitro by adenosine diphosphate (ADP), adrenaline , collagen and thrombin.
Thrombosis research  •  1975  |  View Paper
Epinephrine enhanced the direct delivery of FP into the agar gel to more than ten times its former level, in spite of the fact that it had no effect on systemic delivery.
Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society  •  1999  |  View Paper
and topically applied 0.03% flurbiprofen antagonized the ocular hypotensive effect of one drop (50 microliters) of 1% epinephrine.
Journal of ocular pharmacology  •  1991  |  View Paper
10,11 Topical application of indomethacin or flurbiprofen (FL), inhibitors of PG synthesis, block the ocular hypotensive effect of topically applied epinephrine in rabbit, 12-14 normotensive monkey, and glaucomatous monkey'5 eyes.
Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society  •  1989  |  View Paper