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Possible Interaction: Epinephrine and Carvedilol



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

RESULTS Carvedilol and propranolol inhibited platelet aggregation in the rank order of stimuli: PMA > thrombin > A23187 > epinephrine.
Bratislavske lekarske listy  •  2005  |  View Paper
Carvedilol can, more effectively than atenolol, inhibit these effects of epinephrine.
These effects of epinephrine were completely inhibited by carvedilol.
Cardiovascular research  •  2000  |  View Paper
The … of carvedilol decreased, depending on the stimulus used, in the following rank order of potency (in parentheses the respective mean inhibitory concentrations of carvedilol … propranolol are given in micromol/l): PMA (19 and 34) > thrombin (55 and 77) > Ca(2+)-ionophore A23187 (58 and 81) > epinephrine (86 … 118).
Platelets  •  2002  |  View Paper
Because carvedilol is both a nonselective beta- and alpha1-selective adrenergic receptor-blocking agent, we hypothesized that pretreatment with carvedilol would convert the actions of epinephrine to that of a selective alpha2-agonist.
Carvedilol pretreatment followed by epinephrine treatment reduced early postresuscitation ventricular ectopy (116 +/- 147 vs 834 +/- 380, P < .01) and minimized increases in arterial blood lactate at 5 minutes after resuscitation (10.9 +/- 2.1 mmol/L vs 17.4 +/- 3.5 mmol/L, P < .01).
Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics  •  2005  |  View Paper