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Possible Interaction: Edetic Acid and Glycerol


Edetic Acid



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

For excipients formulated in the HEC vehicle, 30% glycerin significantly increased susceptibility, and a trend toward increased HSV-2 susceptibility was observed after 10% glycerin, and 0.1% disodium EDTA , but not after 0.0186% disodium EDTA.
BMC infectious diseases  •  2010  |  View Paper
Certain iron chelators such as desferrioxamine, EDTA or diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid, but not others such as ADP or citrate, inhibited glycerol oxidation.
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics  •  1991  |  View Paper
EDTA (5 mM) increased glycerol production in medium without Ca2+ and Mg2+.
Biochimica et biophysica acta  •  1967  |  View Paper
However, we were able to inhibit the dephosphorylation for more than 12 h by the addition of EDTA ; this allowed us to characterize ArcA-P. Gel-filtration and glycerol sedimentation experiments demonstrated that ArcA exists as a homo-dimer.
The Journal of Biological Chemistry  •  2001  |  View Paper
Addition of glycerol and EDTA enhanced the liver fluke enzyme's stability at 50 degrees C, while glucose and glycerol protected the enzyme from inactivation by repeated freeze-thawing.
Enzyme and microbial technology  •  2000  |  View Paper
Partial reversal of the inhibitory effect of EDTA is achieved by increased concentrations of glycerol or by adding an excess of either subunit, A or B. The experimental evidence suggests that the effect of EDTA on the apoenzyme does not involve a divalent cation.
The Journal of biological chemistry  •  1970  |  View Paper