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Possible Interaction: Dicumarol and Vitamin K


Vitamin K

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Dicumarol also induced oxidative stress as evidenced by increased total glutathione and oxidized glutathione, as well as sensitizing to cell killing mediated by menadione.
Clinical Cancer Research  •  2004  |  View Paper
When pretreated with the DT diaphorase inhibitor, dicoumarol , HepG2 cells exhibited a marked exacerbation of genotoxicity in the presence of either MND or PQ, indicating protective influence of the enzyme.
Mutation research  •  1996  |  View Paper
Moreover, we have found that the cytotoxic effects of DBNQ on human tumor and murine bone marrow stem cells can be prevented or lessened by pretreatment of the cells with dicoumarol , a potent inhibitor of DT-diaphorase.
Journal of toxicology and environmental health  •  1985  |  View Paper
It utilized a wide range of electron acceptors including dichlorophenolindophenol (DCPIP), nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT), ferricyanide, and quinones menadione , benzoquinone), but not pyridinium cations (paraquat and N-methyl-beta-carbolines), and it was inhibited by dicoumarol and diphenyliodonium.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry  •  2009  |  View Paper
Dicoumarol , a bacterial antagonist of vitamin K in spoiled sweet clover, was recognized as the agent responsible for a fatal hemorrhagic disease in livestock by Karl Link and Wilhelm Schoeffel of the University of Wisconsin.
The New England journal of medicine  •  2008  |  View Paper
MEN depleted glutathione to a small extent in the HT-29 cell line, but a rapid depletion similar to Caco-2 cells was achieved when dicoumarol was added.
Biochemical pharmacology  •  1999  |  View Paper
Dicumarol (an inhibitor of DT diaphorase) enhanced the capacity of menadione to induce Hep 3B cell degeneration from 71.3% to 86.2% after 120 min of menadione treatment at 37 degrees C, but did not have this effect in Hep G2, CCRF-CEM or MOLT-3 cells.
Proceedings of the National Science Council, Republic of China. Part B, Life sciences  •  1998  |  View Paper
During the stage of recovery from bishydroxycoumarin administration under the influence of the administration of vitamin K1 ; further dissociation may be observed in the behavior of the clotting agents affected by the anticoagulant.
JAMA  •  1962  |  View Paper
Their studies show that in certain species ascorbic acid, like vitamin K , can antagonize the action of Dicumarol and that in scurvy the hypoprothrombinemic effect of Dicumarol is enhanced.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences  •  1961  |  View Paper
SummaryThe anticoagulant, dicumarol , inhibits the vitamin K cycle by blocking the conversion of the vitamin K epoxide.
Calcified Tissue International  •  2006  |  View Paper
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