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Possible Interaction: Curcumin and Curcuma Longa


Curcuma Longa

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Turmeric and curcumin significantly reduced serum LDL-C (SMD = −0.340, 95% confidence interval [CI]: −0.530 to −0.150, P < 0.0001) and TG (SMD = −0.214, 95% CI: −0.369 to −0.059, P = 0.007) levels as compared to those in the control group.
Nutrition Journal  •  2017  |  View Paper
The presence of turmerones did affect the absorption of curcumin in vitro.
Journal of medicinal food  •  2012  |  View Paper
These findings are indicative of a possible interaction of both turmeric and curcumin with conjugation reactions in the human intestinal tract and colon.
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin  •  2006  |  View Paper
Curcumin content of turmeric is greatly influenced by environmental factors.
Front. Plant Sci.  •  2016  |  View Paper
The relative standard deviations of intra-and inter-day assays by curcuminoids spiked to turmeric powder were less than 6.1%.
Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry  •  2009  |  View Paper
Our data show that the solubility of curcumin can be increased 12-fold and that of turmeric by 3-fold by heating a solution of curcumin or turmeric in water to boiling for 10 min [4].
Molecular nutrition & food research  •  2009  |  View Paper
Reconstituting curcumin with the non-curcuminoid components of turmeric has been found to increase the bioavailability substantially.
Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences  •  2008  |  View Paper
Previous studies showed that turmerones raised the accumulation of curcumin inside colonic cells, and curcumin present in turmeric ethanolic extract had enhanced anti-tumor activities in mice.
Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology  •  2018  |  View Paper
Anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric have been known for centuries and extensive studies over the last two to three decades revealed that curcumin is a key component in the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric.
Current pharmaceutical design  •  2017  |  View Paper
Hence, we hypothesized that curcumin with turmerones or present in turmeric ethanolic extract would augment its anti-tumor activities in tumor-bearing mice.
Our previous findings showed that the presence of turmerones increased the accumulation of curcumin inside colonic cells.
Pharmacological research  •  2016  |  View Paper
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