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Possible Interaction: Chymotrypsin and Ulinastatin



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Urinary trypsin inhibitor (UTI) has a multipotent inhibitory effect on proteases such as trypsin, chymotrypsin , plasmin, human leukocyte elastase, or hyaluronidase.
Cancer research  •  1995  |  View Paper
Ulinastatin , is a broad-spectrum protease inhibitor purified from human urine, inhibits endogenous proteases such as trypsin, α-chymotrypsin , hyaluronidase, and plasmin.
PloS one  •  2017  |  View Paper
Trypsin, chymotrypsin and elastase were significantly inhibited by Pefabloc and UTI.
Islets  •  2010  |  View Paper
The recombinant second domain purified from the culture supernatant of the transformant inhibited trypsin, plasmin, leukocyte elastase and chymotrypsin which are known to be inhibited by urinary trypsin inhibitor.
Thrombosis research  •  1994  |  View Paper
This AS-PI strongly inhibited trypsin and to a lesser extent chymotrypsin , but exerted no inhibitory effect on plasmin.
Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry  •  1984  |  View Paper
The urinary inhibitor inactivated bovine trypsin, chymotrypsin , and human granulocytic elastase.
Biochemical medicine  •  1982  |  View Paper
Urinastatin inhibited trypsin and chymotrypsin.
Nihon yakurigaku zasshi. Folia pharmacologica Japonica  •  1986  |  View Paper