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Possible Interaction: Ceruletide and Secretin



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Cerulein and secretin acting together increased protein concentration.
Secretin alone decreased salivary flow rate and bicarbonate concentration, whereas secretin supplemented with cerulein not only decreased salivary flow rate, bicarbonate concentration, and bicarbonate output but also increased protein concentration.
The inhibitory effect of cerulein on salivary flow rate and bicarbonate concentration and output prevailed when an infusion of cerulein was supplemented with secretin.
Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics  •  2000  |  View Paper
Salivary secretions were collected under basal conditions (intravenous infusion of 0.15 mol l-1 NaCl) and during intravenous infusion of secretin plus caerulein at different doses.
Therefore, one may suppose that caerulein plus secretin , used in functional exploration of the exocrine pancreas, could exert an influence on acid phosphatase activity (AcP) and its isoenzymes (tartrate sensitive-TsAcP, tartrate resistant-TRAP acid phosphatases) in whole saliva in humans.
Journal of oral science  •  1999  |  View Paper
Infusion of secretin plus cerulein caused a several-fold increase in the volume of duodenal aspirate and the outputs of HCO3−, protein, and enzymes.
International journal of pancreatology : official journal of the International Association of Pancreatology  •  1995  |  View Paper
After 45 minute of intravenous infusion of secretin (1 CU/kg) and cerulein (75 ng/kg) the decrease of plasma amino acid concentration was significantly lower (p < or = 0.001) than in undernourishment not depending on pancreas dysfunction, nor in patients with chronic pancreatitis with normal nutritional status.
Wiadomosci lekarskie  •  1994  |  View Paper
After 45 minutes of intravenous infusion of secretin (1 CU/kg) and cerulein (75 ng/kg) we found a significantly lower (p 0.05) decrease of amino acid concentration than in healthy individuals, both in chronic pancreatitis and in undernutrition and post-inflammatory cirrhosis with decompensation of liver function.
Wiadomosci lekarskie  •  1993  |  View Paper
The peak decrease of amino acids occurred after 30 min during combined stimulation with secretin and ceruletide and was not different between the two groups (CP: 11.2 +/- 1.7%, controls: 13.9 +/- 1.9% below basal values).
Zeitschrift fur Gastroenterologie  •  1992  |  View Paper
Potentiation (more-than-additive response) was observed between secretin and cerulein for bicarbonate secretion, but not for enzyme secretion.
Pancreas  •  1990  |  View Paper
Caerulein added to glucagon or secretin could slightly increase the inhibitory effect of these drugs given separately.
Acta hepato-gastroenterologica  •  1978  |  View Paper
During administration of both secretin plus cholecystokinin-pancreozymin (CCK-PZ) or secretin plus caerulein , enzyme secretion was promptly reduced by an infusion of calcitonin of more than 50%.
Gut  •  1977  |  View Paper
The effects of 100 nM secretin with 1 nM caerulein were also studied because secretin may potentiate the effects of caerulein.
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Animal  •  2007  |  View Paper
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