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Possible Interaction: Capsaicin and Novobiocin



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

For another, there may be another transport pathway mediating the permeation of capsaicin in M-S direction, which could be inhibited by novobiocin.
The permeability of capsaicin could also be inhibited unconventionally by the BCRP inhibitor novobiocin in M-S direction across colon.
International journal of pharmaceutics  •  2013  |  View Paper
Background and Purpose: Novobiocin (NOVO), an ABC transporter inhibitor, decreases intestinal wall permeability of capsaicin (CAP), an ABC transporter substrate.
In vivo data further demonstrated that oral co-administration of NOVO decreased Cmax and AUC of CAP in dosage-dependent ways, consistent with its role as a TRPV1 inhibitor.
Meanwhile, cytosolic accumulation of CAP decreased when NOVO was used simultaneously or 24 h in advance.
NOVO down-regulated TRPV1 expression in the intestine and in transfected cells in a concentration-dependent fashion, hinting that its inhibition of the permeability of CAP is due to its inhibition of TRPV1 expression.
Results: In vitro data showed that there existed a dose-dependent relationship in the range of concentration between 5 and 50 μM, and even 5 μM NOVO could decrease intestinal permeability of CAP across the intestine.
Front. Pharmacol.  •  2018  |  View Paper