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Possible Interaction: Amylopectin and Amylose





Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Amylose affected smaller (F-I) and larger (F-III) amylopectin chains in opposite ways.
Increased amylose concentration positively influenced the F-III (DP 19-36) fraction of longer DP amylopectin chains (DP 19-36) which was associated with resistant starch (RS) in meal and pure starch samples.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry  •  2011  |  View Paper
Elevated AC increased the proportion of long unit chains in amylopectin and increased onset gelatinization temperature and resistance to alkaline digestion; however, kernel weight was decreased.
Plant biotechnology journal  •  2012  |  View Paper
These results suggest that RS is potentially beneficial for improving insulin sensitivity in young pigs and that the ratio of amylose and amylopectin have significantly effects on the FSR in splanchnic tissues in weaned piglets.
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition  •  2010  |  View Paper
Despite the difference in off-taste, rats trained to avoid amylopectin also avoided amylose.
Physiology & Behavior  •  1991  |  View Paper
KEY MESSAGE Coordinated regulation of amylose and amylopectin synthesis via manipulation of SSII-2, SSII-3 and Wx expression in endosperm can improve rice eating and cooking quality.
Plant molecular biology  •  2021  |  View Paper
The molecular size of amylose and amylopectin was positively correlated.
International journal of biological macromolecules  •  2020  |  View Paper
The … amylopectin interfered with the formation … crystalline structures of amylose preventing the formation of retrograded RS in ANS, while in AHS, a relationship between structure and RS formation was observed, … that the close-packed double helices and the proportion of homogeneous amylose crystallites increased the resistance to enzymatic digestion.
Carbohydrate research  •  2020  |  View Paper
The presence of amylose in the substrate resulted in the formation of linear α-(1→6) linked glycosidic chains (13.5 kDa) in the former amylopectin fraction.
Carbohydrate polymers  •  2019  |  View Paper
Enhancements of amylose aggregation by weak acidification contributed to retardation of amylopectin recrystallization.
Food chemistry  •  2019  |  View Paper
Amylose partially inhibited the effect of gelatinization on amylopectin crystallinity.
International journal of biological macromolecules  •  2019  |  View Paper
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