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Possible Interaction: Amphetamine and Tyrosine





Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

These findings are consistent with animal experimental studies indicating that tyrosine depletion attenuates the release of dopamine produced by amphetamine but not the release of noradrenaline.
Journal of psychopharmacology  •  1999  |  View Paper
A high correlation was observed between nSPEED and STD studies for measurement of EDV ( Y = 0.957X, R2 = 0.99), ESV (Y = 0.962X, R2 = 0.99), and LVEF (Y = 1.005X, R2 = 0.96).
Journal of nuclear cardiology : official publication of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology  •  2009  |  View Paper
These findings indicate that changes in striatal tyrosine kinase-B signaling could play a role in neuroadaptations and behavioral changes induced by amphetamine treatment.
Neuroreport  •  2006  |  View Paper
It is probably not due to a tryptophan-specific mechanism, because amphetamine increases the ratio of brain/plasma concentrations not only of tryptophan but also of tyrosine and phenylalanine.
European journal of pharmacology  •  1978  |  View Paper
The amino acid was most effective when given 30 minutes before amphetamine administration, at which time it also significantly lowered brain tyrosine concentration (and, presumably, suppressed catecholamine synthesis).
Psychopharmacology communications  •  1976  |  View Paper
This kinetic analysis revealed that amphetamine inhibited DA synthesis by noncompetitive inhibition for tyrosine.
The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics  •  1971  |  View Paper