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Possible Interaction: Aminoglutethimide and Melatonin

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

A sequential regimen of melatonin (1 nM) followed 24 h later by aminoglutethimide (100 μM) induced a significantly higher decrease in MCF-7 cell aromatase activity to below the values obtained in unpretreated cells.
Melatonin treatment inhibited aromatase mRNA expression in unpretreated cells and a sequential treatment of cells with melatonin followed by aminoglutethimide induced a significant inhibition in the aromatase mRNA expression as compared to cells exposed to the same doses of aminoglutethimide, but without melatonin pretreatment.
Our results suggest that melatonin pretreatment increases the reduction of the aromatase activity of cells exposed to aminoglutethimide as a result of the decrease in the aromatase mRNA expression.
The aim of this paper was to study if a melatonin pretreatment prior to aminoglutethimide increases the efficiency of the aromatase inhibitor used in treating breast cancer.
The present study demonstrates that a treatment with elatonin followed by a minoglutethimide is the most effective way of reducing the aromatase activity in the MCF-7 cell line.
The aminoglutethimide inhibitory effect is more potent when MCF-7 cells are pre-exposed to melatonin.
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment  •  2005  |  View Paper