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Possible Interaction: Alprostadil and Progesterone



Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Secretion of progesterone by day 7 or 13 bovine luteal cells was increased by hCG, PGE1 or PGE2 which was increased further when co-incubated with adenosine (p less than 0.05).
The Chinese journal of physiology  •  1991  |  View Paper
It is concluded that PGE1 or PGE2 but not LH regulates secretion of progesterone in vitro by 88-90 day ovine CL of pregnancy.
Progesterone secretion in vitro by 88-90 day ovine CL ….05 by LH (1, 10 and 100 ng/ml) while prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) 1, 10 ….05) secretion of progesterone in a dose dependent manner and PGE2 (1, 10 and …) secretion of progesterone only at the 100 ng/ml dose.
Prostaglandins  •  1997  |  View Paper
However, low doses of PGE-2 (0.01-10 ng/ml) inhibited the stimulation of progesterone secretion by the lower dose of LH.
These findings indicate that although PGE-2 can stimulate progesterone synthesis by luteal cells it may also have inhibitory effects, and therefore its role in pregnancy requires further definition.
Journal of reproduction and fertility  •  1990  |  View Paper
Treatment of ovariectomized rats with estradiol or progesterone results in an attenuation of the pressor response to PGE1.
Behavioral neuroscience  •  1986  |  View Paper
Either estradiol or progesterone treatment significantly attenuated pressor responses to prostaglandin E1 but not to prostaglandin E2 or angiotensin II injections.
Neuroendocrinology  •  1983  |  View Paper
…,progesterone treatment, in a regimen … metabolism of both PGE-2 and PGF-2 alpha by uterus and oviduct, but not lung, 30 and 48 h later except for PGE-2 … of PGE-2 and PGF-2 alpha by the oviduct may be involved in the mechanisms controlling ovum transport.
Journal of reproduction and fertility  •  1979  |  View Paper
Progesterone appears able to block some effects of PGE1 and to imitate others.
Progesterone had no effects on the responses to PGE2 and PGF2 alpha but significantly (p less than 0.01) attenuated the actions of low concentrations of PGE1.
Prostaglandins and medicine  •  1979  |  View Paper
The response of oviductal muscle to PGs appears to be affected by ovarian steroids; progesterone increases the response to PGE1 and decrease the response to PGF2alpha.
Gynecologic investigation  •  1975  |  View Paper
However, plasma progesterone levels were increased significantly following PGE1 treatment compared to pretreatment values.
Prostaglandins  •  1975  |  View Paper
Progesterone treatment increased the duration of oviduct response to PGE1 (P<0.05).
Prostaglandins  •  1974  |  View Paper
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