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Possible Interaction: Acenocoumarol and Vitamin D


Vitamin D

Research Papers that Mention the Interaction

Conclusion In conclusion, treatment with AC is associated with low 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels, although the path leading to this phenomenon is not entirely clear.
In patients receiving AC, a negative correlation was found between the concentration of 25(OH)D and the weekly dose of AC (r = −0.337, p = 0.01).
Patients with concentrations of 25(OH)D < 20 ng/mL were found to have a significantly higher median dose of AC , compared to those with concentrations of 25(OH)D ≥ 20 ng/mL [21 (17; 31) vs. 17 (12; 28); p = 0.045].
Results Among the 58 patients receiving long-term AC treatment, a high proportion (46.… concentrations of 25(OH)D lower than 20 ng/mL. The median concentration of 25(OH)D … AC was significantly lower compared to the control group [20.…. 28.2 (24; 32.7); p < 0.001].
Front. Endocrinol.  •  2018  |  View Paper